The City of Sanctuary

Sanctuary city map

The valley extends up into the Black Spine Mountains and down to the wastelands below. The end of the valley is blocked by a wall with several scout towers scattered beyond to watch for approaching threats. All of the agriculture is kept within the valley.

An ancient road runs south-west out of the valley and south east up into the mountains.

  1. Sanctum Walls: thick walls and the last line of defense for the city and the White Seers that live inside the Tower.
  2. Sanctum: here the White Seers meet in council and cast powerful spells that defend the city.
  3. Relic Emporium: a place to buy and sell magic both great and small. The Emporium is run by the Bikspee family, an ancient Gnome clan. They put on a famous toy fair once every year before Mid-Winter Feast.
  4. Tower Inn: an Inn popular with the city guard as well as the “Warden” faction. With sturdy walls and even sturdier tables it is well equipped to survive the frequent brawls on a seven-day night. Commonly believed to have the best ale in town.
  5. Clockwork Inn: an Inn popular with Mechamancers as well as the “Scholar” faction. With clockwork golems working the bar as well as serving food it is a popular tavern for those who prefer the very strange over the quality of the fare.
  6. Library: this ancient structure is filled with all of the books that have been salvaged from the ancients over the life of the city. It is open to the public. Rumor has it that not all of the cities books are in the Library. Men tell tales of a secret library in the sanctum filled with forbidden tomes.
  7. Healer’s Hall: several healers work here around the clock. Some are permanent members of the healer profession while other practitioners are visitors from the temples.
  8. Explorer’s Guild: a guild for hunters and other explorers. Also sells some hard to find wasteland travel gear. Permits can be purchased and grievances aired. Also a location for bounty hunters to find clients since those accused of serious crimes often flee the city.
  9. Farmer’s Market: a place to buy and sell food as well as crafted goods. Open every morning and evening, has a full day of sales on seven-day. The market is broken up into a few locations.
  10. Guard Barracks: this is where the guard sleeps. It is also their command post. The guard is responsible for defending the valley walls as well as maintaining order in the city. They also act as a fire brigade.
  11. Craft Guild: a gathering place for the craftsmen of the city to vote on laws, pay membership and set standards for quality control. Specialist orders can be placed here.
  12. Temple of Pelor: a temple to the god of the sun. This is the most popular temple in the city with several festivals throughout the year including a Harvest Festival, a Spring Festival, a Mid-Summer Night Festival and a Deep-Winter Feast.
  13. The Guardian: also known as “Henry” this massive dead golem broke down over a century ago and is too heavy to move and too indestructible to take apart. Henry does change positions from time to time, though nobody has ever seen him move. Some claim that pranksters do it in the dead of night while others are not so sure that Henry is as dead as he appears.
  14. Desert Trading Post: where hunters and salvage men from the wastes try to sell their lesser goods that can’t be sold to the Wasteland Salvage Company. The best deals can be found on seven-day evening, as many salvage men will make good deals to clean out their inventory before returning to the wastes on one-day.
  15. Temple of Erathis: a temple to the god of law.
  16. Temple of Ioun: a temple to the god of knowledge.
  17. Wasteland Salvage Company: generally sells scrap metal and other ancient salvage. Rumored to buy and sell outlawed and cursed artifacts. Also rumored to be run by the Scorpion Clan (organized crime).
  18. Arms and Armor: the name says it all. Prices are generally considered fair and equipment is of high quality. The DesertTrading Post offers what many consider to be superior wastelander weapons but the quality and durability make them less reliable.
  19. Sun Dragon Inn: an Inn popular with adventurers, hunters as well as the “Crusader” faction. Sun Dragon has a lot of rare animals on display and is a popular place for newer citizens who are fresh from the wastes.

The City of Sanctuary

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