There are several types of magical technology employed by both sides in the great war. Technomancy was used to create personal weapons as well as vast war machines that could lay waste to whole cities.

A Mighty Juggernaught

Elemental Engines

Elementals were commonly used as power sources. These creatures would be trapped inside Elemental Engines which could be used to power a variety of structures and devices. Elementals trapped in this way often became “Toxic” elementals. Fire elementals burn green and black, water elementals are tainted and poisonous, earth elementals become sludgy and black. These toxic elementals were twisted and foul creatures who delighted in pain and suffering. While a natural fire elemental would delight in fire and carnage it had no love of pain and no urge to hurt organic beings specifically (though it was not averse to doing so). These creatures were by their nature inhuman and uncaring. But Toxic elementals care a great deal. They hate. And they want to kill.

Elemental Engines were used to power many of the mighty war machines used in the last war. Creations like Sky Ships, Juggernaughts, Collosus, Mage Cannons were all moved and powered by Elemental Engines.

Mage Locks

Mage Locks are powerful weapons that can be used by anyone. They require a special charging procedure that has been lost in the Immolation. Arcane users can use Mage Locks to amplify their abilities. Other users can use the Mage Lock to fire powerful bolts of energy.


Arcane rituals were used to create the Forged, a race of constructed people who would serve at the whim of their masters. These creatures often became sentient over time. The mystery of their creation is not known. Some speculate that their consciousness does not come from nowhere, but was taken from the dead or from extra-planar entities and then trapped inside the mechanical constructions.

Demon Forged are a special kind of Forged. Using the power of a Demon, the Demon Forged were created exclusively for war. These mechanical constructs are malevolent in the extreme and are constantly trying to trick their masters into making some sort of mistake in their instructions that will allow them to go on a killing rampage. Many of these creatures have survived the war and are loose upon the world with no master to control them.


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