Monsters of the Wastes

There are several types of monsters roaming the Shattered Realms.

  • Warriors of the Great War: Many creatures and war machines were made specifically to fight in the war. Some are altered humans or other sentient races, while others are weapons powered by an elemental or demonic engine. Many of these weapons still run free, some still trying to win the war, others looking only to inflict as much pain and suffereing as they can.

War Forged Sorceror

  • The Warped: The forces that destroyed the world are not gone. Huge Wyrdstorms still circle the world, mutating and killing all life in their path. Those that survive the touch of a Wyrdstorm are often driven completely insane.

The Warped

  • Extraplanar Entities: Both sides in the war opened up gates to other planes of existance to summon or compel allies to join them in battle. Many of these creatures are still trapped in the Shattered Realms.

Fire Elemental

  • Monsters: Before the war there were hundreds of dark and miserable creatures that were driven from the surface of the world and forced to hide in whatever holes they could. Now that the war has ended many of these evil creatures now thrive in a world without order. Vast hordes of Gnolls and great tribes of Ogres now rule vast areas of the Shattered Realms.


Monsters of the Wastes

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