Shattered Realms

Chapter 14: The Desert Storm

The heroes struggled through the desert, traveling at night to avoid the worst of the heat during the day. As their supplies ran low, the encoutered the wreckage of a landship burried in the sand.

Encounter 1: The Landship
As the heroes approached the wreckage they heard a loud noise, as though something living inside was thrashing against the walls. As the moved into the twisted steel and oily sand they heard the sound of steam and metal scraping on metal. Inside they found a damaged elemental engine that was trying to break free. In its rage the engine spawned smaller elementals to attack the heroes. After struggling through the dirt and battling air elementals the heroes destroyed the elemental engine and freed an air elemental of incredible power which flew into the desert creating a massive sand storm.

Opponents: One Damaged Elemental Engine.


  • +2 Reckless Maul.
  • Lifesaving Broach +1
  • 120 Gold.
  • 1025 EXP.

Encounter 2: The City
The heroes ran out of water but struggled on through the sand for two more days before finding the City of Bones. The ruined city was filled with twisted metal and ruined smoke stacks that made it appear to be a massive rib-cage burried in the sand. Struggling through the storm the heroes found a place to hide. This building was also home to 2 Demonic War Forged who had slain countless inhabitants of the city over a century ago. As the heroes struggled against these two ancient diabolical machines a dozen of the city’s former inhabitants arose to defend the heroes. These ancient mummies were weak but filled with hatred for the Demon Forged and helped to turn the tide of battle before returning to the dust.

Opponents: 2 Demonic War Forged.


  • +2 Magic Longbow
  • 220 Gold
  • 1200 EXP.

Encounter 3: The Gnolls
Venturing out into the city the heroes discovered a huge Gnoll encampment being lead by a leader called “Snap Jaw” and a Shaman known as “Wrong Eye.” These two leaders command a legion of several thousand Gnolls who are even now searching the city for clues of Sanctuary’s location. Wrong Eye has captured the ghost of an ancient city dweller who he hopes to control and gain information on Sanctuary’s location within three days.

Three days until Sanctuary is found by a legion of Gnolls….unless the heroes can stop them.



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