Shattered Realms

Chapter 13: The Journey South

The heroes began their journey south into the wastes in search of the city of Urus. Gnolls may have seized the ruin and are possibly looking for Sanctuary. They must be defeated before they can attack or report back to the fabled empire of “Yogthsmire.”

Encounter 1: The Caravan

On the third day, the heroes spotted a caravan being pulled by four camels and manned by several humanoid travelers. The heroes attempted to make contact but the Caravan fled. Eager to learn more the heroes pursued but the caravan used magic to teleport several miles away to safety.

Despite the powerful display of magic the heroes wished to learn more and used magic and their expert tracking skills to continue the pursuit. After briefly losing the trail the heroes caught up with the caravan in the early morning hours.

They found the caravan to be manned by one 8 year old girl called “Erla” and her five War Forged bodyguards. The caravan was apparently some type of transport or mail service before the sundering and the forged have been trying to opperate it for the last hundred years or more, despite the fact that the nation that created them is long dead. The Forged found the little girl in the wastes after an orc raid destroyed her village and she has been helping them to feed the camels and trade with cities the caravan passes by.

Whenever asked any questions about the fate of her family Erla changed the subject.

The Forged seem eager only to pick up and drop off “things.” It doesn’t matter much what so long as they are moving things around and so long as their “master” Erla is pleased with the results. The Forged were very stoic and refused to communicate with anyone but Erla. They had a special language that only she could understand. They also found the heroes a little threatening when the heroes said they were from Sanctuary and accused them of being “tricksters” and said “we know all about your city.” The Forged did become noticeably enthusiastic once trading began.

The heroes made a few trades and moved on.

Opponents: None.


  • 500 EXP.
  • Elven Arrows (+1 damage on the first attack in any encounter).
  • Rare Herb (properties unknown).
  • In addition the heroes learned that there are several settlements somewhere to the east: an elven fortress, an oasis and a “city of crazy people.”

As the heroes continue their journey they encountered a variety of desert dangers. They came upon an oasis formed from two massive geysers kept an area of the desert humid and alive. The oasis was the site of a battle between some Gnolls and an unknown group of human and dwarven refugees. The refugees had been butchered and possibly sacrified to the Gnoll’s demonic dieties. The Gnolls had also poisoned the Oasis, making it too dangerous to drink.


Encounter 2: Wyrd Storm

As the heroes camped to rest during the hot day they were suddenly enveloped in a massive Wyrd Storm. The powerful magic coursing around them hid many dangers and it was not long before a pack of acid-spitting Hyenas found the heroes and tried to make a meal of them and their horses.

Opponents: 1 Cacklefiend Hyena, 6 Hyenas


  • 1050 EXP.

Encounter 3: The Stranger
While traveling the heroes saw a single robed figure watching them from a nearby hill. The next day they saw the figure again. Finally early one evening while packing up the stranger approached. He claimed to be a cursed hermit that wandered the wastes trading small bits of metal and bones for food and water. As he approached Tarik became more and more agitated. He became convinced that the old hermit was far more foul than he appeared and Tarik fired a few warning shots with his crossbow before the stranger revealed himself to be a Worm Infested Host that spewed forth huge clouds of Rot Grubs that tried to infest the heroes.

Opponents: 1 Worm Host, 4 Rot Grub Swarms


  • 950 EXP.
  • In the Worm Hosts old bag of junk the heroes found the remains of a journal written by someone from the city of Urus many years ago. The Journal



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