Rumors of the Wastes

  • Somewhere in the wastes is a vast Gnoll empire called “Yogthsmire” that contains perhaps several hundred thousand Gnolls.
  • There is a large jungle somewhere to the southwest.
  • There is a ruin called “Urus” several days to the south that has Gnoll raiders living in it. These Gnoll Raiders may be from Yogthsmire.
  • The Juggernaut that attacked the city came from a Jungle or perhaps a Swamp somewhere in the south.
  • The Juggernaut may have come from a placed called “The Forge” somewhere to the south.

Next Adventure!

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The heroes have survived the dungeons underneath Urus and the heroes have walked into the Shadowfell and allied themselves with the damned. Now they hunt Gnolls through the city streets, bleeding the Gnoll army of its best warriors and freeing slaves who have joined their growing forces.

With several dozen slaves, an ancient Battle Cannon and a promise of help from an army of the damned the heroes are ready to storm the enemy camp and take on an army of several thousand Gnolls!

(updated 6/4/11)

Shattered Realms

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