The Sundering

A thousand years ago or more, a great war began between two great powers, the Tyxians and the Elysians. Each great kingdom grew in power as the war continued, gathering more and more allies and creating more and more terrible weapons to destroy their enemies. Wizards and Warlocks became generals, dragons became soldiers, and mere mortals watched in terror as the world burned.

Many of the dark creatures of the wilds were pushed further and further underground or forced to retreat to the corners of the world as the power of the two great empires grew. Soon there were few left in the world who did not fight in the war in one way or another. Lesser races like Gnolls and Goblinoids were forced to become slave forces or were driven from their lands as the insatiable appetite for natural resources grew to consume whole forests.

In the end it was not technomancy or demonology that finished the war, but an apocolyptic spell that changed the world. “The Sundering” ended the war once and for all, shattering the world. It isn’t known who cast the spell, or if in fact it was the result of many spells cast togehter. Oceans turned into deserts, deserts turned into mountains, fire and magic swept across the land. The “Wyrdstorms” that boil over the wastes are thought to be an echo of this powerful spell. Many of the strange creatures that now live in the world were created by the power of the Sundering.

None who still live remember who won the war or if both empires were destroyed. Perhaps some dark remnant of each empire yet remains, fueled by hate and hungry for a final victory. Or perhaps there are only ghosts and shades haunting the ruins.

After the empires were destroyed many of the creatures that had been forced to run and hide from the power of men and dwarves and elves have returned to reclaim their birthrights and to take their vengeance on what few men yet remain.

The Sundering

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