The Guard's Journal

Duty roster changed again. Chance of promotion seems more and more remote. How can I prove my value if I can’t get a duty assignment near one of the forges where al l the action is? Wall duty is uneventful. Not even any spies to catch. Who would dare attack Urus?

Rumors continue since the magi arrived. The war is not going well, else why would the magi be here? Some say we will make a few demon engines to augment our forces. Rumors have been flying for months that the enemy already has a legion of demon walkers.

The rumors are true, but worse than we knew. We are not going to make demon engines and place them in the hearts of our great war forged if the war goes badly someday in the distant future. We have already done it. I saw one yesterday. A Demon Forged, on the streets of Urus. I am afraid. But we are assured, that the wards and sigils are strong. They say we are protected. And we must believe them. What choice do we have?

They have taken the forge and the armory. They have turned the streets into a charnel house. Women…children…by the gods. We are going to fight them. We must end the madness, before it is too late.

Haven’t slept in two days. 4th regiment is gone. 17th grenadiers made their final stand last night at the western citadel, for all the good it did. We are to be rolled into the survivors of the 50th. Two regiments put together and we won’t even be a full company.

.1. _
We have to get the people out. So few are left. We have to get to Sanctuary. It is our last hope. The library should offer them nothing, the priests have hidden the texts from demonic vision. Hopefully they will not learn of Sanctuary there. Their lord, the “Hell Forged” knows where we are headed. He was told too much when he was made. But the 17th did that much good. The demons have taken him to the armory and it will take months to repair that monster. Perhaps in that time Sanctuary can prepare a defense.

We have enough food and there are some survivors. Enough to fight for, enough to matter. The city is lost but we have made our escape. They Demons don’t like the sun. It is dawn, we have survived the night and we begin our march. I dare to hope.

._. 4
The skies have shattered. This is not the demon forged. Something bigger, something worse. Clouds are raining….blood. The bones of the world are poke through the earth like fractures through torn skin. Fire and horror. We have scattered. I can hear their screaming. I just want it all to end. Let it end.

The Guard's Journal

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