The Encyclopedia of the Forged

There are many types of Forged. Each is the creation of a powerful mechamancer or technomancer who has created a complex alchemical construct to contain an extra-planar entity.

The most common are the War Forged who are powered by an elemental engine. These creatures can obey simple commands and are generally obedient to anyone who controls their power core. Over time elementals trapped in an engine become toxic and must be released and another elemental must be bound. Toxic War Forged become aberrant and difficult to manage, sometimes breaking free, often simply failing to respond to commands. Such toxic War Forged are unreliable.

Demon Forged are created by combining a demon into a much more sturdy construction. Demon engines are extremely difficult to control and often seek ways to manipulate their instructions to allow themselves to perform all kinds of barbaric acts. Demon Engines should be chained when not given a task and should never be allowed to be controlled by a novice mechamancer.

Soul Forged are a rare and unusual construction. Myra was a powerful Mechamancer who experimented with different types of forged. Myra claimed that her “Soul Forged” did not contain the spirit of an extra-planar entity but were instead fully sentient in their creation, that a new intelligence was created through alchemy and sorcery. Others who studied her work after her death claimed that Myra had actually combined some of her own intelligence into each of her creations, and that a small fragment of her spirit remains inside each.

Others dispute this claim, pointing to the radical differences in personality among each of the Soul Forged. Myra was perhaps the greatest mechamancer of the age, and it will be many years before her genius is truly understood.

Soul Forged have many uses. Everyone is of course familiar with Myra’s mail and package delivery service as well as the many Soul Forged who serve as policemen in large cities of the empire. The very rich have also purchased Soul Forged to be guardians of their children, to whom the Soul Forged are supremely loyal.

The Encyclopedia of the Forged

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