Prior to the Great War and The Sundering itself, the Goliath tribe which Rostam would eventually be born into wandered the Black Spine Mountains. His nomadic tribe traveled up and down the mountain range seasonally in search of food and other natural resources required by the clan.

When the Great War broke out, his tribe stayed on the sidelines, continuing their way of life in the relative protection of the mountain range. Eventually, due to its important strategic value, the conflict spread to the mountain range as well. As the war grew to a massive scale around them, the tribe was forced to seek protection. In their previous nomadic travels they had established a friendly relationship with a clan of mountain dwarves who maintained a cavernous fortress in the base of the mountain range. The Goliath tribe sought refuge and was welcomed into the Dwarven stronghold.

Then came The Sundering. The event caused untold destruction to the outside world as they knew it. Deep inside their cavernous home, Rostam’s tribe managed to avoid the fate that befell many of those in the world. They lived peacefully together with the Dwarves, adapting to their new way of life. Over time, the Goliaths adopted some of the Dwarven culture such as their religious beliefs. It was during this time that Rostam was born. However, this peaceful existence was short lived. Many unknown changes had taken place in the world beyond the opening of their caves. New monstrous armies had risen and eventually they discovered the hidden home of the Dwarves and Goliaths.

On a calm morning like any other, the armies of the wastes attacked the Dwarven stronghold. In the brief conflict, the defenders tried their best to fight off the attackers. However, the massive numbers of attacking forces caught them unaware and unprepared. The combined Dwarf and Goliath forces had no chance of survival. Untold numbers were slaughtered. In the aftermath of the attack, a very small group of Goliath managed to escape into the mountain range using their superior mountain climbing ability. Rostam was one of these survivors.

The survivors traveled for days through the mountain range before coming upon a hidden valley. It was in this valley that they discovered the city of Sanctuary.


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