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Current Faction Power Levels

  • Wardens: 7
  • Crusaders: 7
  • Scholars: 5

Faction Actions:

  • Heroes claimed Sampson was the most responsible for the defense of the gate (+1 Crusaders).
  • Heroes sold the Wyrmkin Banner to the City Guard Barracks for 1000 GP (+1 Crusaders).
  • Heroes attacked the engine room first when they stormed the Juggernaut (+1 Wardens).
  • Heroes attacked the gun deck last, which should have causes a loss to the Crusaders, but they bluffed the gunners into slowing and finally stopping their attack, saving many men on the walls.
  • Heroes urged the White Seers to bring the Juggernaut inside the city and use it to defend the city in case of another attack (+1 Wardens).


  1. The Guard’s Journal
  2. The Codex of the Necromagi
  3. The Encyclopedia of the Forged
  4. Battle Manual – Overseer Oran
  5. Urus Intellgience Tome – Vol 3


  1. The City of Sanctuary
  2. Factions
  3. The Sundering
  4. The Risen
  5. Monsters of the Wastes
  6. Technomancy

The World

The Shattered Realms is a world of technology, magic and war. It is only a hundred years after a great magical spell destroyed the world. Only a few pockets of light and civilization remain, while the rest of the world has fallen into chaos and barbarism. A vast desert covers much of the world, but there are also mutated jungles, frozen mountain peaks and vast seas teaming with magically infused life. Vast “Wyrd Storms” boil across the world changing and destroying everything in their path. Warped mutants, ancient war machines and super-soldiers all roam the world unchallenged.

This is not a world of light and hope that must be saved. It is a dreadful place that must be remade, a world that must be reborn if it would survive. Heroes in this world must decide what to rebuild and which ideals will rule their new empire.

A thousand years ago there was a terrible war between two great powers. The Tyxians and the Elysians battled for control of the world. Powerful magics and enormous war machines were employed to conquer cities and siege vast fortresses. In the end, both empires were destroyed by a last great magic. A spell called “The Sundering” destroyed the world as it was known and ended both empires. Their cities and armies smashed in a single day.

A hundred years ago the world was destroyed. The city of Sanctuary is all that remains. The founders of this small city were survivors. Lead to a hidden valley in the Black Spine Mountains by the White Seers these people created a city in the middle of chaos. Here they live their lives in relative peace and safety while savage creatures mutated by powerful magic roam the wastelands of a once beautiful world.

Three years ago a caravan of survivors arrived from the wastelands and was taken into the city. They told tales of Wyrd Storms, Warped Humans, Half-Men and creatures the size of houses that hungered for human flesh. They also told tales of vast ruins containing hidden treasures and powerful magics.

Now the people of Sanctuary know that they were not the only survivors. Out there somewhere in the wastes are other people, people who may need help and there are treasures that might be used to make Sanctuary safer and more prosperous. Conflict has begun within Sanctuary and the White Seers have not spoken.

The Wastes Today

The Wardens wish to remain in the city and defend it with sword and spear. Explorers should be sent to discover what threats lurk nearby and to offer help to other survivors but the guard should be kept at home and no resources should be sent beyond the walls.

The Scholars believe that powerful magics should be sought out in the wastes above all else. Only magic and connection to the ancient gods can protect Sanctuary. Finding magics and temples is far more important than searching out enemies or helping starving survivors.

The Crusaders hope to extend Sanctuary’s influence over a wide area of the wasteland. Sanctuary has the warriors and the weapons to protect people. Sanctuary has the food and the manpower to bring law to the lawless. Sanctuary could do much for the world if Sanctuary has the courage to be more than she is.

Character Origins

There are three main ways that characters end up in Sanctuary.

You were born in the city. Your ancestors helped build and defend Sanctuary. You live here with your family and you have many friends in the city.

You are a refugee from the wastes. Three years ago a band of refugees from a village called Bernhaven arrived at Sanctuary. Since then refugees have slowly trickled into the city in both small and large groups. Typically the refugees are bruised, battered and confused. In many cases the refugees travel with their family and friends in search of a better life.

You are one of the Risen. The White Seers are desperate for soldiers to man the walls as the creatures of the wastes press into the valley from outside. With powerful magics the Seers have taken to raising warriors who died long ago. The Risen remember nothing of their past, not even their names. They are normal in every other way, though they sometimes have flashbacks to their previous lives.

The White Tower

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