Lazarus’ birth was under unusual circumstances and unfortunate events. He was born in the city of Sanctuary. His mother and father had somewhat of a forbidden relationship.

His mother, Lauran, was a noted scribe that worked within the Sanctum. She was not a member of the White Seers, but she was the trusted intern of the council member Gilganus. Because of her position and close proximity to the White Seers, she was forbidden to partake in any relationships with those in the rest of the city. Gilganus was somewhat fond of his assistant, though his position prevented him from showing his affections.

Lazarus’ father, Danil Quinn, was a Risen who fought in many battles protecting Sanctuary from the dangers that beset the city. He was well respected among the city guards as an excellent swordsman and strategist. Danil and Lauran met through a chance encounter when Danil was assigned to protecting the White Seer Gilganus during an excursion into the waste. Lauran accompanied her sponsor on this mission.

Danil was love stricken by Lauran’s beauty. Lauran avoided Danil’s advances as she knew it was against the council rule, though she was secretly fond of her suitor. Over several months Danil and Lauran had secret rendezvous which eventually caused Lauran to be with child. She was able to hide the pregnancy from her master as she thought of a way to let him know. Eventually as she was approaching the term of her pregnancy she needed to let Gilganus know. She convinced Danil to join her to let her master know of their love for one another and assured him that Gilganus would understand.

Though she was far from knowing how Gilganus truly felt for her as his secret love for his intern was never revealed. The lovers approached Gilganus and let him know of their feelings for one another and the fact that she was with child. Gilganus was enraged and threatened Danil with death. In a fit of rage he cast a spell to end the life of Danil, though Lauran stepped in front of him and was struck instead. Lauran’s heart stopped and her lifeless body fell into the arms of Danil. Both men were shocked by the outcome, as Gilganus’ rage turned to remorse, Danil became angry. He drew his sword and attacked Gilganus. The swordman was no match for Gilganus, who struck him with a powerful spell that killed Danil.

Gilganus was fraught with anguish over the death of Lauran and ashamed of slaying Danil. He called in the Clerics and made up a story of how the lovers confronted him with their relationship, and he told them their love was forbidden. The lovers decided to die by drinking a powerful magic poison if they could not be together. Gilganus was well respected among the council and so no one questioned his word. The clerics were able to keep Lauran’s unborn child alive. Gilganus told the clerics that the child’s father was Danil Quinn, and that the child would be named Lazarus Quinn.

Lazarus grew up an orphan among the scholars of the city. People saw early that there was something not right about Lazarus. He seemed to be aging at an accelerated rate. By the time Lazarus was 10 years old he looked like a young man of 20 years. None of the clerics or arcane experts within the city knew why this had happened, though they accredited it to the poison that killed his mother. Though Gilganus knew it was a side effect of his spell on Lauran, though he knew not how to reverse it. Nor did he want to associate with Lazarus as it brought back very painful memories and might expose his evil act.

Lazarus was very intelligent, though his physical development was weakening. Among the scholars Lazarus was able to learn many things and study the ways of the world. When Lazarus was 16 (32 years old), he decided to commit his limited life to the study of the arcane in the hopes of finding a cure for his rapid aging. Over the next 9 years Lazarus read almost every book, ancient tome, and scrolls within the Sanctuary library. Praying to find a cure to his ailment one day. Yet for Lazarus knew his life was fading, now 25 years old he was physically a man of 50 years. His situation was becoming dire and he needed to find answers outside the walls of Sanctuary soon…


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