Into the Juggernaut

Years later, after the wars have long past and the heroes have met their fate, a grandfather who was once a warrior tells his eager grandson who has heard too many tales of adventure about his time in the great wars.

You fought with the south gate heroes?

Aye, I did.

What was it like? Were Rostam and Tarik leading the way into the warped horde? Did they kill a hundred warped?

It’s never like the stories boy…

Never? Oh please, tell me! You were there. It’s a story, but real!

Alright then. But I think you will be dissapointed. We were all huddled under the Juggernaut trying to survive. We had left the city walls to try to take the machine ourselves after the heroes had vanished inside. Remember, the thing was three levels tall and had enough cannons to flatten our city. We feared the heroes were dead inside. Our captain, Hector had lost an eye, Sampson and his rangers had found a Mage Lock and were trying to fire it, Aaron was giving the last rites to the dying. We had made a try for the gun deck and paid dearly for it. We had lost a score of men and more. We didn’t think we would last another hour.

That’s when the heroes came!

Yes lad. They came down from the bridge. Their teeth were black with smoke and their armor was slick with the blood of our enemies.

What did Tarik do?

Tarik? He was wounded. He fell to the ground. He didn’t move while Maksim roughly stitched up a wound on his head. It wasn’t the worst of his wounds, but he said the blood kept dripping into his eyes and he couldn’t see to fight. Then he called for Aaron and they all gathered together and prayed.

They prayed? Nobody stops to pray in stories…

Yes. They prayed. Damn the Gods, we all prayed. I prayed not for victory but just for an end, one way or the other. And when we finished the heroes stood and without a word headed back into the belly of the Juggernaut to face the cannons that had already killed so many. I don’t know how they thought they would win where so many had failed.

That part is like the stories…

Aye lad, that part was just like the stories.

Into the Juggernaut

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