Shattered Realms

Chapter 6: Dawn Escape

Encounter 1: Our heroes chose to take a short rest before they fled the Wyrmkin stockade. As the rested they were approached by an animated construct of the White Seers. This huge rotting hulk of flesh was once a warped creature that had died in the battle at the main gate. Now it was under the control of a White Seer and it shouted that it had killed the Wyrmkin Chieftain. As the Wyrmkin rose to do battle with the warped beast and general chaos broke out in the enemy camp the heroes fled the stockade.

In order to escape back to Sanctuary, our heroes had to run through the rest of the Wyrmkin camp before the Wyrmkin could gather their forces (10 combat rounds). The heroes tried to move through the narrowest part of the camp to avoid enemy arrow fire and were quickly swarmed by the Wyrmkin defenders. Rostam noticed a Goliath prisoner crucified on the edge of the camp and the heroes chose to attempt a rescue.

In the midst of the battle, Lazerus called upon some reserves of magical energy that gave him great power but caused him to age another two years.

As the heroes fought their way to freedom a large Wyrmkin force gathered on a nearby hill and as the heroes raced towards safety they were struck by mass volleys of arrows that fell among them, piercing friend and foe alike.

In the end the heroes made it to safety, carrying both the Wyrmkin Chieftain’s Banner as well as the captured Goliath prisoner. They bled from many wounds and were exhausted to the point of near death, but the few defenders that yet remained on the wall covered the last hundred yards of their escape.

As the heroes collapsed with exhaustion they were told that there was a great battle between the Warped and the Wyrmkin in the enemy camp, that the southern gate they had fought so long to protect was now safe. As they fell asleep they could hear in the distance the boom of great cannons and the sounds of battle as the struggle for the city’s main gate continued…

Opponents: 1 Wyrmkin Alchemist, 4 Wyrmkin Dragonshields, 3 Wyrmkin Archers, Countless Wyrmkin Skirmishers (Minions). 1000 EXP

Rewards: 1 Wyrmkin Banner (which the heroes hope to sell for a tidy sum).


Chapter 5: Extras!

On the distant horizon a vague glimmer of sunlight warmed the clouds to the east. Crouched in the blood soaked sands of the stockade, five warriors scowled at the rising sun, knowing it brought death. They had just slain the Chieftain of the stockade and now his army was gathering around them, searching for them and baying for blood. Only darkness protected them. The sun would be their end.

“How is it that the Chieftain knew you” said one of the warriors to another. “He called you by name Tarik.”

“These things are filled with sorcery and demons. He probably knew all of us by name, you as well Rostam. Only your hammer silenced him before he could call out to you.”

“You are a Risen, have you no memory?”

“We don’t have time for this” said another even as the shrieks of the Wyrmkin grew louder from the north.

“He’s right, there’s no time. The next hour will decide whether we live or die” said a fourth.

With a silent nod the warriors closed ranks, until they looked like little more than a single shadow sliding away in the pre-dawn light.

Chapter 5: Behind Enemy Lines
The PCs strike out against the besieging army.

The heroes used their shadow cloaks and the dead of night to sneak right up to the Wyrmkin Stockade. Here they hoped that by attacking quickly they would be able to break into the Wyrmkin camp, kill the Wyrmkin Chieftain and then make good their escape. By using their Rings of the Brethren their actions were perfectly coordinated as they began their swift and deadly assault on the Wyrmkin.

This whole set of encounters acted like a single long encounter, with the heroes continuing to get special sneak attack rounds at the beginning of every encounter so long as no enemies escaped form one encounter into the next area.

Encounter 1: the heroes ambushed the sentries who were guarding the back door. The noise from the celebrating Warped was so loud that they noise of battle went unnoticed.

Opponents: 2 Wyrmkin Defenders. 250 EXP.

Encounter 2: the heroes broke into a storage area and quickly took several more guards by surprise. Using nearly perfect coordination and deadly speed they surrounded the guards and prevented their escape.

Opponents: 2 Wyrmkin Defenders, 1 Wyrmkin Archer. 350 EXP.

Encounter 3: the heroes were now close to their goal and could see the Wyrmkin Chieftain as well members of his personal bodyguard. While they moved silently into position they could hear the Wyrmkin Chieftain toasting allies who died fighting with him. He mentioned a “Tarik” who died “Killing hundreds at the battle of the great river.” When the heroes charged the Chieftain recognized Tarik and called him by name. But the heroes were not interested in talk, Tarik and Rostam charged the Chieftan and struck him, Rostam using his might maul crushed the Chieftan in a fury of bloodlust and rage. The Chieftain’s bodyguard counter attacked, desperate for revenge for their fallen leader, and while the heroes were badly bloodied in the assault their superior battle skill wore the bodyguard down and cleared the Chieftain’s hall.

Opponents: 1 Red Wyrmkin Chieftain, 2 Blue Wyrmkin Champions, 2 Wyrmkin Archers, 2 Wyrmkin Defenders. As the battle raged an additional 9 Wyrmkin Minions and 1 Wyrmkin Defender joined the fray. 1100 EXP. + 500 EXP for completing the quest to kill the Wyrmkin Chieftain.

With sunrise quickly approaching the heroes gathered together and prepared to make a fighting retreat out of the Wyrmkin stockade. The heroes know that soon the entire enemy army will be roused against them. Their only hope is to make for their walls. If they can reach the gate before sunrise they may have a chance.

Chapter 4: Over the Wall
the PCs sneak over the wall into the enemy camp.

The heroes are given a difficult choice. There is an undermine going on that needs to be stopped with a counter-mine. There is also a force of “Wyrmkin” that have joined with the Warped. This is a serious threat, as the Wyrmkin are elite warriors who are skilled at warfare. Aaron believes if the Wyrkin Chieftain is killed they will be neutralized as they must choose another Chieftain and that can take days or even weeks. The heroes chose to go after the Chieftain rather than stop the enemy mining opperation.

Encounter 1: the PCs ambushed a group of Wyrmkin and Warped who were trying to find a way over the wall. They were quickly overcome.

Opponents: 3 Warped Stranglers, 2 Warped Venom Claws. 725 EXP.

Encounter 2: the heroes were forced to crawl through an old river bed very near the Warped “camp.” As they crawled through the Warped trash heap that had grown up in the river bed over the last several days they were attacked by several giant beetles who had come in from the desert to scavenge among the bones and debris of the war.

Opponents: 2 Tangler Beetles, 6 Fire Beetles. 1000 EXP.

Chapter 3: The Gate Falls
our heroes stand alone

Encounter 1: The PCs had to deal with a variety of problems at the gate. They had to organize the men and try to get the back back into some kind of defensible position. They ended up piling debris and bodies in front of the gate to make a wall. Refugees tried to get past the gate while some wounded came from the main gate to reinforce as best they could.

Encounter 2: The PCs had to try to save some men who were badly wounded in the attack. Each had a unique wound brought on by contact with the magical warped. 1 of the 4 men wounded died. The others were saved.

Skill Challenge: 500 EXP. +50 EXP per patient saved.

Encounter 3: A massive Warped Collective charged through the breach. Aaron and a force of several hundred citizens turned up and helped the PCs as best they could in the battle. The PCs defeated the Collective and held the gate, yet again. Hector turned up to give the PCs their pay that night. He also brought some magical weapons with him. The PCs chose to support Sampson (and the Crusaders) when they were asked who helped them the most. They also chose to go after the Wyrmkin next.

Opponents: 1 Warped Collective, 4 Warped Creatures. 900 EXP

Total Rewards: 300 GP, Resounding Hammer +1 (level 2), Curse Forged Chain +1 (level 3), Tome of Replenishing Flame +1 (level 2), +1 Lightning Blade (level 5).

+1 Power level to the Crusaders.

Chapter 2: Holding the Line
The heroes battle for the southern gate

Encounter 1: A group of Warped Creatures attack the southern tower while another group tried to climb the wall to attack the gate house. The PCs defended the tower and then moved quickly to protect the gate house. Aaron the Priest of Pelor tried to conscript men for the main gate and when he learned the enemy was so large and the PCs so few, he rode off to get help.

Opponents: 4 Warped Stranglers, 4 Warped Creaturs, 1 Warped Impaler. 750 EXP

Encounter 2: The PCs met with Mathus who came from the city to provide help. The PCs planted his bombs and mines given to them by Mathus (a technomancer), saw to it that Sampson and his men were in a tower and then held the line against a massive horde of Warped.

Opponents: 40+ Warped Creatures, 1 Warped Feaster. 875 EXP

Chapter 1: The Free Company
The Adventure Begins

Our heroes are members of a “Free Company.” This is a sort of official adventuring group that does odd jobs around the city of Santuary (the last city in the world). They serve as trouble-shooters, bounter-hunters, guards, whatever pays and whatever the city needs. Our heroes have just come back from a scrap gathering mission in the wastes and netted for themselves a tidy sum from the junk they collected. To celebrate they head to their favorite Inn, the Sun Dragon…

Encounter 1: The PCs had a fist fight with Wilhelm, a member of a rival company. Afterwards the PCs had to bribe the guards (or pay a fine, depending on your point of view) to get off going to jail for the night. The next day the PCs demanded that Wilhelm pay the 100 GP they had to give up to the guard. He agreed, though he didn’t “have the money on him.”

Opponents: Wilhelm, 4 Bar Brawlers. 525 EXP.

Encounter 2: The PCs learn that a small band of Warped are approaching the city and that all of the Free Companies are being called into action for the coming battle. The PCs made a deal with Hector, the captain of the guard, to pay 50 GP up front and 300 on completion. As the PCs walked through the town they were given the Grandfather Blade by a young boy. The PCs got to the wall and discovered that the enemy force was in fact a huge army that is likely to overun the southern gate. and fought off an attack from Warped Swoopers who came down on the wall. Wilhelm was sent to the front gate. The PCs met Sampson and organized the men at the wall.

Opponents: 5 Warped Swoopoers. 500 EXP.

Total Rewards: Grandfather Blade, +1 Longsword. 50 GP.


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