Shattered Realms

Chapter 21: Ancient Evil

The heroes continued their descent into the depths of the ruined armory. Climbing through the settling ruins they wormed their way deeper into the dark pit searching for the ancient Hell Forged that once commanded the destruction of the city above. They still commanded the War Forged who had been trapped into the ancient ruin.

Encounter 1: The Hell Forged

As the heroes pushed deeper into the earth they began to see a glow up ahead of them. Eventually they came upon a hidden chamber that contained the trapped Hell Forged, a massive mechanical construct controlled by a greater demon of the darkest abyss. Ordering their War Forged forward the heroes attacked. The battle was bloody and desperate, as steam from the ancient war machine flooded the room. As they charged the Hell Forged called out to the heroes saying “Slaves of the Seers, I shall set you free.”

The War Forged was quickly ripped to pieces and his carcass used as a weapon against the heroes. The spirits of the fallen were summoned forth by the Hell Forged to be consumed to heal him over the course of the battle. The heroes were quick to spot the danger and attacked this spirits, disipating them before their souls could be consumed.

In the end, the Hell Forged was brought down and destroyed.

Opponents: 1 Hell Forged


  • 1500 EXP
  • Amulet of Resolution +2
  • 620 Gold Pieces
  • 3 Healing Potions
  • Flanking Weapon (Longsword) +2

Encounter 2: The Streets of Urus
The heroes were exhausted from their fight. As they tried to leave they found the sand storm had grown in intensity. The city was covered in sand and they could not safely find their way back to their hidden tower. They chose to rest in the ruins of the armory. When they awoke the next day the storm had indeed died down, but had been replaced by a strange vision.

The heroes walked into not into a shattered ruin but into a thriving city as Urus must have been over a century ago. The market appeared alive and well and children played in the streets while soldiers marched to war. Fearful of some dark magic the heroes attempted to break the illusion but were unable to do so.

The heroes gave a copper to a beggar and successfully avoided an encounter with street rufians through a combination of diplomacy and intimidation. As the heroes walked through the city they saw two demon forged being transported across the city. The creatures struggled against their chains and before a crowd of frightened people they killed their Technomancer and broke free. Determined to save the lives of innocents the heroes rushed forward. Still uncertain if they walked in an illusion, a vision or a dream they fought the demon forged to the death, saving the people of the marketplace.

After the battle ended the city watch came forward and told the heroes they should come immediately to the palace. And in a flash for one terrible moment the watch appeared to be dark and terrible spirits whose skulls shown out through their skin. As the heroes reluctantly followed the watch towards the palace Lazerus summed up the feelings of all.

“We walk in the shadow of death. These are not men, but spirits who we help to relive days that are long gone.”

Opponents: 2 Demon Forged


  • 1600 EXP



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