Shattered Realms

Chapter 20: Blood and Darkness

After the battle with the Gnolls in the room filled with explosives the heroes argued over their next course of action. Should they continue deeper into the ruin of the Forge or should they challenge the Mad Wraiths once again? In the end they decided the Wraiths might know the location of Sanctuary and would have to be destroyed.

Encounter 1: Mad Wraiths

The heroes crept into the room carefully while the chains overhead moved with some unseen force. Muttering and whispers echoed through the silent chamber. Finally Rostam provoked the wraiths and they descended from the cealing. The heroes stayed together despite the carnage caused by the collapsing debris falling from above. It was all darkness and insanity for a few minutes as the heroes sometimes fought the Wraiths and sometimes fought one another, but in the end the Wraiths were destroyed.

Opponents: 5 Mad Wraiths, 1 Poltergeist (dropping debris from the ceiling).


  • 1250 EXP

Encounter 2: Summoning Room
Digging deeper into the Forge the heroes crawled through dark and twisted tunnels to finally arrive in a deeper level that was once a deep sub-basement. Here they found an Undead Demon trapped for perhaps the last hundred years in a summoning circle. All around were the fallen bodies of Gnolls, animated by the Demon’s Dark will. The summoning circle had weakened after so many years and some of the Demon’s power was seeping through.

The heroes knew that if they attacked the demon the circle would be broken. They could also see that the circle was too weak to hold for long. So the heroes began to kill the Gnoll Zombies as quickly as they could, downing five before the circle failed and the demon was free. After a short battle the demon too was destroyed and returned to his dark realm.

Opponents: 8 Tainted Zombies, 1 Zombie Abomination


Encounter 3: Machine Shop
Still tunneling through the ruin the heroes saw that there were several ways into the next chamber. Deciding that whatever lay ahead was best approached from a narrow place the heroes chose a flanking position and crept forward. They found an ancient machine shop that was shattered by the explosives that destroyed the Forge. Debris lay in great piles upon the floor. Out of the debris came three hulking Demon Forged. As the battles raged a fourth creature was seen struggling within the debris. The heroes assumed this was another Demon Forged they would have to deal with once they had defeated the others.

After a terrible battle the heroes were victorious and they discovered that the trapped creature was a trapped but badly damaged War Forged who was eager to help them against their enemies.

Opponents: 3 Demon Forged


  • 500 GP worth of raw metals and expensive gadgets scattered around the room.



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