Shattered Realms

Chapter 19: The Forge

Exhausted from their battles in the tower and their first encounter in the Forge the heroes decided to continue without rest, aware that every day lost was a day that brought Sanctuary closer to desctruction.

Encounter 1: Gnoll Feast
Demon Forged

The heroes burrowed under the Forge, searching the wreckage and ruins of the ancient structure for the Hell Forged that could reveal the location of Sanctuary. The first room they came across had several Gnolls battling against a mighty Demon Forged Maw. The Demon Forged was eating the pathetic Gnolls and growing stronger on their blood.

Even as the Maw was being destroyed the last Gnoll fled the room, running deeper into the catacombs only to be killed by a cave in.

Opponents: 1 Demon Forged Maw, 6 Gnoll Cultist Enforcers


  • 1,000 EXP

Encounter 2: The Mad Wraiths
As the heroes pushed deeper into the ruin it became more and more obvious that the stucture was very unstable. The next room was filled with debris and the wreckage of a once great weapon storage room. A gantry towered over-head, filled with the weapons of the last great war. Machines, cannons, ammunition, spare parts, raw iron all hung precariously over-head and in the middle of the room was a massive Demon Forged with the skeletons of the many engineers and artisans chained to it’s body. The heroes surrounded the Demon Forged and finally Rostam attacked, taking it’s head off in a single stroke.

It was only then that the Mad Wraiths descedned from the gantry and with their mad whispering began to sow discord and destruction within the fellowship. Soon Lazerus and Maksim were down and it seemed the tale of the South Gate Company would come to an end in this dark and rusted room surrounded by the insane Wraiths of a lost age.

But Rostam and Tarik picked their allies up from the floor and dragged them to safety, fighting against the madness as they fled the room and out of the ruin. The Wraiths, perhaps tied to the place of their death did not follow.

After this narrow escape, the heroes rested.

Opponents: 5 Mad Wraiths, Debris from the Gantry


  • None

Encounter 3: Gnolls go Boom!
When they returned to the Forge the heroes decided to avoid the Wraiths for now, and instead went another direction in the dark and twisted ruin. They encountered a room packed with Mage Powder, a powerful explosive. Someone many years ago rigged the Forge to explode and for some reason failed to detonate the explosives. Fuses were everywhere and several confused and curious Gnolls stood over them with their crude swamp-tar torches.

As the heroes watched with horror an ember fell from a Gnoll torch and lit one of the fuses. Confused and excited the Gnolls began to follow the sparkling fuse, not understanding the doom they were about to bring down on all. The heroes rushed in and began to kill the Gnolls while putting out more fuses ignited by the excited Gnolls dropping their torches.

Opponents: 4 Graywall Gnolls, 2 Gnoll Huntmasters


  • 1100 EXP



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