Shattered Realms

Chapter 18: The Shadowfell

The heroes continued to search the laboratory tower for information about Sanctuary.

Encounter 1: The Specimen Room
As the heroes crawled up into the dark tower in the cursed city they found a shadowy room filled with once living creatures kept preserved in jars or all shapes and sizes. Among the jars were the living dead and an ancient brain preserved in a magical jar.

Here the heroes cleverly planted a fake map that appeared to show the way to Sanctuary but would actually take a traveler into the deep desert.

Opponents: 3 Wights, 1 Brain in a Jar


  • 850 EXP
  • 1 Ironskin Belt

Encounter 2: The Binding Room
The people of the Urus had traficked with demons and their city paid the price. Here experiments were done in demon summoning and demon binding in the creation of the the terrible Demon Forged. Here an old demon remained, bound to protect the top levels of the tower. The heroes broke the seel and defeated the demon to gain access to the upper levels.

Opponents: 1 Caged Demon, 4 Lesser Manes


  • 1000 EXP

Encounter 3: The Shadowfell
As the heroes passed through the door to the next level they discovered that the top parts of the tower were trapped in the Shadowfell. As they searched for a way to free the top of the tower from the realm of the dead, they were attacked by the strange shadowy people of the dark realm.

Opponents: 6 Shadow Spirits


  • 1050 EXP

Encounter 4: The Shadow Engine
At the top of the tower the heroes found an ancient mechamechanical device that was creating the portal to the Shadowfell. The heroes shut the device down and were then attaked by Dark Ones who came in waves out of rifts in the Shadowfell. Even as the top of the tower began to return to the material plane the Shadow Ones attacked, trying to keep the engine working and keep the portal open.

Opponents: 10 Dark Ones, 4 Shadow Bolters


Encounter 5: The Cannons
The heroes went for the Armory next without stopping for a rest, hoping to destroy the massive Demon Forged before it is un-earthed by the Gnolls. As they entered the Armory they saw that the Gnolls were in fact already here and were trying to figure out how to work the ancient cannons stored in the room. As the heroes attacked they saw that the Gnolls had already figured out enough to fire the old machines.

Opponents: 4 Gnoll Scavengers, 2 Gnoll Pack Hunters


  • 900 EXP



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