Shattered Realms

Chapter 17: The Laboratory

Our heroes decided they needed to find and destroy any information about Sanctuary. With the Gnolls searching the city the heroes crawled through the ruins looking for a way to the Laboratory where most of the city’s ancient knowledge is contained.

Encounter 1: One Shot – One Kill
There was a single Gnoll Sentry outside the tower, wearing a helmet and breastplate and carrying a battle horn. Fearing the sentry would sound the alarm before they could get close, the heroes prepared a single perfect shot, enchanting an arrow so it would be invisible before Caelthal shot the creaure through the throat. If the shot had missed and the alarm had been raised, the heroes would certainly have battled a much larger force.

Opponents: 1 Gnoll Sentry


  • 1000 EXP

Encounter 2: The Alchemy Lab
As the heroes entered the lab they came upon a room filled with books, any of which might contain information about Sanctuary. A giant Demon Forged sat quiet in the middle of the room. As the heroes searched they noticed many skeletons in the room were missing their hands and the Demon Forged was decoratd with skeletal fingers. As they approached the Demon Forged the heroes feared it would come to life. Meanwhile strange shapes could be seen moving under a nearby door as though someone was still alive.

As Lazerus approached the Demon Forged a swarm of undead hands burst out of the creature and skittered across the floor. Then packs of crawling hands appeared from under nearby tables and attacked as the wraith of an alchemist came out from a back room. Thinking fast the heroes began to grab and hurl unstable explosives from the nearby alchemy tables on the swarms of hands. After a fierce battle, the room fell quiet.

Opponents: 4 Crawling Claw Swarms, 1 Wraith


Encounter 3: The Tanks
The next room contained huge bubbling tanks filled with strange and toxic alchemical goo. A scouting party of Gnolls was moving through the room turning valves and activating pumps without any real knowledge of what they were doing. Soon they paid for their ignorance. As the heroes attacked various slimes oozed out of the cracking tanks to attack both parties.

Opponents: 5 Gnoll Scavengers, 4 Green Slimes, 1 Ochre Jelly


  • 1200 EXP
  • Toxic Chemicals worth 50 GP.



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